Mooresville Lowe’s Retailer Aims for Net Zero Emissions by 2050 – Charlotte Business Magazine

The 357-foot (108.81-meter) tower will be completed in 2021, making it the tallest building in the South End and outside of Uptown Charlotte, and is only slightly taller than Arlington at 310 feet. The building is primarily occupied by Lowe’s, which occupies 357,000 square feet (33,166 m2) over 15 floors.

Is Charlotte good for tech jobs?

Charlotte, North Carolina is one of the most prominent banking cities in the United States, hosts a major NASCAR track, and is considered one of the most diverse cities in the South. To see also: 7 ways to enjoy the culture and heritage sites of Brittany. But did you know that it is also a modern technology hub? Tech jobs in Charlotte are easy to find, well-paying, and versatile.

Jacksonville's top home improvement exhibitors make way for JAX Fairs this Labor Day

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