“Murder House Flip” is a very real home renovation show

If you want to live a real life”Chase Hill HouseQuibi’s new show could be a killer for you.

There is no ambiguity in the title of the mobile video platform’s new home renovation show: “Murder House Flip.” In each episode, the homes where the horrific killings of their new owners took place were renovated.

It’s the only offer homeowners might think twice about a “good bones” home. And the first trailer is full of single lines to die for.

“In order to move on the beach, we had to buy a house in which a man cuts his wife,” says one of the owners of the house. (Hey, the story of my life, my prince?)

Show log line shows “Flip murder houseIt is “a funky new home renovation show targeting the country’s most notorious homes: those known for the mysterious murders committed behind their walls.” In each episode, home renovation experts Mikel Welch and Joel Ozil will “remove the stains of the past and take these homes from horrific to wonderful.” “.

Who wouldn’t want to remove the stains of the past while adding entirely new stains to floors?

Will homeowners like makers? Will designers make spaces work? Will the murder weapons be found? Amazingly, these are all possibilities. We’ll find out for sure when Quibi launches in April.

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