NBCUniversal, Ready Player Me Launches Classic Monsters NFTs

On Monday, NBCUniversal teamed up with Ready Player Me to rebrand the movie studio’s Classic Monsters “from the dead” as NFTs.

The digital collection includes world famous monsters such as Dracula, Bride of Frankenstein, Creature from Black Lagoon, The Mummy and Frankenstein.

NBCU partners with VARIANT3D to sell phygital clothing based on classic IPs. VARIANT3D creates digital twins of its real-life items based on digital twin technology, stitching Near Field Communication (NFC) chips to every limited-edition piece of clothing.

The new feature allows users to share a copy of their NFTs as Proof of Attendance (POAP) with others to award points to physical product owners for monitoring on the leaderboard.

All transactions are made on Polygon Blockchainone of the world’s most energy efficient blockchains to date, with just 0.037 grams of CO2 production per transaction, or less than a single email.

In addition, the NBCU and VARIENT3D limited edition outfits come with a select NFT for a select character, collectible patches, an augmented reality (AR) demo lens for Snapchat, and a wearable digital twin of their item. metaverse Platforms supported by Ready Player Me.

Universal Monsters fans can get new digital items from the official NBCU website.

Build an effective and accessible NFT campaign

NBCU uses MoonPay and Polygon blockchain to distribute collectibles. MoonPay’s parent company, OpenSea, recently made it Traditional Payment Options Available on the NFT marketplace, allowing its users to buy, mint and trade blockchain commodities without the need for a crypto wallet.

The integration enables the NBCU to take advantage of OpenSea’s HyperMint, which allows brands, agencies, and large organizations to efficiently create a myriad of NFTs.

Also, the service allows companies to scale up blockchain-based operations that initially took months to set up. Now affiliates can launch an immersive campaign full of products in a single day. OpenSea is also working with major media partners such as Warner Music Group to establish it Web3 Infrastructures.

Greg Reed, Vice President, Technology Partnerships, Universal Filmed Entertainment GroupHe said,

“Through Universal Pictures’ partnership with MoonPay and their HyperMint platform for NFTs, along with this apparel show through VARIANT3D, and virtual apparel with Ready Player Me and Snapchat, NBCUniversal is able to bring this digital fashion to the masses.”

Also, NBCU project partners Opensea and VARIANT3D designed the campaign to create environmentally friendly Web3 and phygital goods.

Garrett Gerson, CEO and Founder of VARIANT3D, He explained that his company uses custom textiles, digital twins, and is rapidly reducing sampling to produce eco-friendly apparel.

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