Open Sea confirms the ban on Cuban artists

NFT trading giant, open crevealed that it follows US sanctions policy and confirmed that Cuban artists are banned from its platform.

The ban came to public attention last week when a Cuban NFT project, NFTcuba. ARThe tweeted that his account on OpenSea had been disabled. I wrote: The ban affects “not only Cubans who are on the island, but those with other nationalities who have to put up with the censorship in the web3 company. Buying art from Cubans is not forbidden in the US embargo.

Currently the largest marketplace for NFTs, OpenSea is a massive platform with headquarters in New York City. On the platform, people can buy, sell, mint, and discover NFTs. The company mentions that “It remains the largest public marketplace for user-owned digital items, supporting multiple blockchains, with the widest range of categories and the best prices for new and emerging digital item categories.”

Why are Cuban artists banned on OpenSea?

OpenSea’s ban on Cuban artists caused an uproar on Twitter, sparking a broad debate about control, decentralization, and whether the spirit of the cryptocurrency ecosystem was crushed in such cases. Before this latest development, OpenSea has defended the NFT artists Regarding copyright.

OpenSea remains adamant that it simply follows the nationwide policies clearly defined in its Terms of Service. As a US-based company, it feels it must comply with local penalties within that jurisdiction. A problem also appeared Back in March When Iranian artists suffered from the same restrictions.

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