Our favorite mini wreath options for 2022

Add unexpected festive touches of holiday cheer around your home with mini Christmas wreaths! We’ve found the best options for your holiday style. They’re perfect for anywhere that needs a little holiday decor!

simple christmas garland ideas

A few years ago I discovered the unsung hero of holiday decorating. Small wreath! On a whim, I did a little quickly DIY mini wreath tutorial He added one for each closet door. I couldn’t believe how much this little touch added to the holiday feeling in our home! We didn’t like our kitchen at the time, and this boy helped with that. Not to mention it heightened the holiday feel of our entire home!

Adding small wreaths to my cabinets is now one of my favorite ways to elevate my holiday decor. distance Kitchen renovation In our old house, I was very excited about holiday decorating. I used DIY mini wreath trick On my beautiful new cabinets and loved how she made our kitchen feel cool and festive adding a twist!

Small Holiday Wreaths

When we moved into this house, I added wreaths to my lovely blue kitchen cabinets And they brought the same fun added with a splash of festive color! I used the same tape system and command hook to hang them (this How to hang small wreaths on cabinets without screws or holes).

You’ll be shocked at how fun it is to bring the holiday spirit into unexpected places like your kitchen. Any place you spend a lot of time deserves a little (or a lot) of Christmas spirit!

Mini Christmas wreaths on blue cabinets

I love using my mini Christmas wreaths on my cabinets, but there are plenty of fun places to use them for Christmas fun—the backs of dining room chairs, windows, hallway doors, stair rails, or in a wreath. Be creative and have fun

I put together a quick guide to my favorite mini Christmas wreath options because I want everyone to have happy little wreaths that make their holiday decor look complete! There are all kinds of patterns here, so there will definitely be a little wreath to match the Christmas vibe.

Festive wreaths

I found so many cute little wreath options for you. So many different styles – there’s definitely one here that would be perfect for your creative holiday decor. Don’t forget, you can even customize your favorite to make it perfect for your home!

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