Peggy Johnson from Magic Leap joins Wharton’s Metaverse program

Peggy Johnson, CEO of Magic LeapJoin a Metaverse interview for a new online undergraduate program on the role of spatial technologies in supporting the global economy.

The Wharton School at the Aresty Institute for Executive Education at the University of Pennsylvania recently opened its doors to the Metaverse economy. a program For students, learners will take six-week classes to obtain certification in leveraging the corporate Metaverse, becoming the first Ivy League institution to host programs on the emerging spatial communication platform.

The two-part program first explained how Metaverse adoption differs between businesses and consumers. The course also presents a Magic Leap case study on the company’s transformation from consumer to enterprise solutions.

Depending on the programme, the courses also feature case studies from industry leaders such as Adobe, Unity Technologies, Accenture, Second Life, Snap, Prism Group, R/GA, Mera and Animoca Brands.

Johnson also added in the second half of the course how companies are exploring augmented reality (AR) technologies for their operations.

Johnson said in a statement:

“I was honored when Wharton approached Magic Leap and asked us to participate in this new business cycle. I think it shows that augmented reality and augmented reality are increasingly seen as technologies that will shape our future and improve our world.”

The news comes as the industry expects Metaverse to reach a total market valuation of $13 trillion by 2030 and host five billion users, the school said, citing figures from Citi analysts.

Spatial school in session

This development comes amid a boom in organizations, companies, and organizations that are exploiting metaverse platforms to educate and inform users of the use of virtual worlds.

The Istituto Marangoni in Milan has opened its own portal, The Talent District, to Expand the spread For Generation Z learners to enhance their digital skills, curate designs, showcase artwork, and host events, among others.

Queen Mary University of London has also become the first university of its kind in the UK Lecture on Metaverse In January, ie after Professor Shafi Ahmed, surgeon and lecturer in surgeryhosted talks for students to explore the use of holograms, avatars, and extended reality (XR) solutions in the medical field.

Radio Kaka (RACA) also partners With the University of Cambridge’s Blockchain community to build the USA’s metaverse (USM) to educate learners, host networking sessions, skills improvement classes, and create job opportunities.

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