Plans for the Sizewell C nuclear plant in Grimshaw have given a £700m funding boost

The news comes on the heels of the government’s approval in July – known formally as the Development Approval Order – for the massive Suffolk project immediately north of the existing Sizewell B plant. Once completed, the new £20-30 billion power plant will be able to generate 7 per cent of the UK’s total energy demand and provide enough power for around six million homes.

Johnson made the funding announcement during a speech at Sizewell yesterday (September 1), noting that he was “absolutely confident it will cross the line” in the next few weeks.

He said it would be “absolutely insane” not to carry on with the plans and that we “need to pull our patriotic finger and beat Sizewell C”.

Johnson, who will be replaced by either Rishi Sunak or Liz Truss on Monday (September 5) as Prime Minister added: ‘I say frankly and prophetic clarity to whoever is about to hand the torch of office: Go nuclear, grow big and go with Sizewell C.’

The money for Sizewell C is part of a larger £1.7 billion funding pool, which has been made available by the government to develop large-scale nuclear projects.

Sizewell B Nuclear Power Plant

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The project is supported by EDF Energy, which owns the 33-hectare coastal site and has placed an order for the new nuclear plant in 2020.

In response to Johnson’s financial pledge, an EDF spokesperson said: “The UK government has announced its support for Sizewell C. In line with the Government’s decision, we continue to work to deliver the Sizewell C project, which is key to Britain’s energy and climate security. Change goals.

The request for approval for the development followed four rounds of public consultations, which began in 2012.

According to Grimshaw, due to Sizewell’s location in an Area of ​​Outstanding Natural Beauty, the designs for the power plant were developed so that all structures are sensitively integrated into the landscape of the surrounding coastal area, with the overall master plan. Agreement as much as possible to reduce land grabbing and mitigate environmental impact as much as possible.”

It was Grimshaw appointed in 2012 To work at Sizewell C, along with Canaway Fleming Architects. The job was previously in the hands of RMJM.

The proposed construction of the nuclear plant on the east coast of Suffolk has already sparked protests. Campaign group Stop Sizewell C He claims the scheme will “have a devastating effect on this unique and magical place” and be “too slow and expensive compared to alternatives in the fight against climate change”.

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