Plaxy Announces Exciting PlaxyParty Collection

ThisOne, an immersive web 3 platform, has announced its first partnership with the launch of the first collection of Plaxy. This set, consisting of 1000 animated and hand-designed NFTs, will start minting September 30, 2022.

PlaxyParty was created in collaboration with this It is minted on the Ethereum blockchain. according to plexi Team, all NFTs are handcrafted and animated to make it more entertaining and give it more depth.


People who are whitelisted will be able to turn on NFT September 30 It’s 19:00 UTC / 15:00 ET. The price will be 0.07 ETH.

The general coinage will also be minted on September 30 at 21:00 EST / October 1, 01:00 UTC. The NFTs will be sold for 0.12 ETH.

This collection was created to celebrate within the PlaxyGalaxy. This galaxy is a digital space with endless opportunities for its inhabitants and every thousand years, a PlaxyParty Takes place. Those who wish to attend must have one of the Plaxy NFTs, referred to as Plaxiers.

Plaxiers will also have future access to ThisOne events, a unique single-frame avatar for each Plaxy NFT, and a compatible FBX file in metaverse games, in the case of those holding 3 NFTs as of launch.

This project is built into its operations center and as such, all Plaxiers are limited to only minting 3 NFTs at launch. After this launch, Plaxy is looking towards creating its own game within the PlaxyParty metaverse which will be implemented in collaboration with ThisOne. Premium land in The Sandbox was purchased by ThisOne for this party, representing a partnership with The Sandbox.

The inspiration behind the group

PlaxyGalaxy is, at its core, a digital community where everyone is welcome to share experiences and have fun. This community philosophy is linked to the launch of NFT, a method of networking between new and existing members.

ThisOne, who has worked with Plaxy on NFT It was founded in the year 2021 by Bahadir Tanreufer, Hayat Yildirim and Volkan Cinar, who have over 20 years of experience in their roles. As explained by its management, ThisOne is an end-to-end project that collects creatives in the web3 space and presents them to them the support And the Sources that they need.

Besides Plaxy, ThisOne also has several in-house projects underway. This includes FunchiesColl as well as the newly launched NaiaCollection, an AI-based tool for creating art and images with words. In addition, Plaxy NFT holders will have unlimited access to Naia as a utility.

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