Playing with design trends: Sherpa chairs

When my girl asked for a reading chair in her bedroom, Sherpa was the first thing that came to mind. she Likes The vibe is relaxed, and her room felt like the perfect place to play with this design direction. But since sherpas are more trendy than timeless, at least in my opinion, I didn’t want to spend a fortune. With Sherpa upholstery being a new trend, second-hand options were scarce. So I scoured the internet for new affordable options.

And I found a lot of great budget chairs that look just as beautiful as their high-end counterparts. Since even the luxury options are polyester, I couldn’t bring myself to think of them even when the saving options were so good. Can you even mark which ones are saved and which ones are splurges on below?

Save or splurge on Sherpa chairs

12345 6 78

You know, you choose number one. I chose this chair because as I look at what the next few years will bring for my almost grown daughter, I love that this chair can also be used as an ergonomic office chair. With a condo/apartment on the horizon, it seemed like a good choice for a chair she could take with her. A chair she can use now, but it fits easily into a small living space. Hopefully, something from her childhood bedroom to remind her of home will be comforting for her. I don’t know, maybe it’s weird to think so much about a chair you bought at Walmart, but I think it just goes to show that you can be a deliberate, thoughtful shopper even when you’re buying a low-cost item at a big box store.

I think sometimes we think of the splurge option as buying a better, higher quality investment. But often the save option is a better fit in more ways than one.

Sherpa chair from Walmart

In this case, I felt there was no difference in the quality of the upholstery at all, since all of the options are polyester. So it really comes down to how the chair is made. And because I want her to be able to take this with her, the fact that this chair detaches and can easily be transported to college in the back of the car is what appeals to me.

Round sherpa chair

12345 6 78

When it comes to playing with design trends, I tend to go for the save option. I’m more likely to qualify for a splurge when it’s something I know will stand the test of time. What is your opinion?

Few options…….

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