Principal Client Delivers ‘Tough Love’ for ‘Dashing’ Architecture Profession

Peter George, Ealing Borough Council’s director of economics and sustainability, told delegates at the RIBA London Awards that he had recently been unable to recommend architecture as a good career for a black girl.

The respected Head of Development has moved to his current position earlier this year Nine years after he took charge of Enfield’s £6 billion Meridian Water scheme. He said he was contacted by the girl’s parents for advice.

“What can I say?” George told the RIBA Awards audience at Portland Place last Friday.

“I hated the fact that I couldn’t recommend this once great career as a good career choice for their daughter.”

I couldn’t bring myself to mention the fact that there is a gender pay gap in the architectural industry Actually it gets worse. I had to say it The salary compared to the school years was poor. And how could I not mention that number of black architects [is] Only 1 percent?

“I hated the fact that I couldn’t in good faith recommend this once wonderful career as a good career choice for their daughter.”

on the night when 52 projects in the capital picked up the regional gongsGeorge continued accumulating cash.

The profession she has Architects Benevolent Association And a podcast called Broken Engineer It’s a shattering career.”

“Until the issue of architectural salaries and therefore fees is addressed, and architectural practices stop this race-down, you will continue to have a diversity problem.”

“We must tear up the old architectural adage that form follows function.”

He added that the built environment sector has “no reason to be smug” when it comes to sustainability.

“The sustainability of the project cannot be allowed to continue to triumph over the viability of the planet,” George said. We must tear apart the old architectural adage that form follows function; The main problem is that this function is unique.

He said Ealing Council is now challenging architects to demonstrate how proposed buildings can be adapted for alternative use in the future, and will soon require all demolition applications to justify why they cannot be retained.

Turning to the question of housing affordability in central London, George called for more rents for residents, asking: ‘Can any of the architects in the room remember the point when I stopped designing houses in these areas and moved on to designing assets?’ “

Despite his outspoken views, the President of Ealing called for expressions of interest in a job to rework the existing council seat. “If there are any architects in the room who would like to design the renovation of our offices, please come and talk to me afterwards,” he said.

Previous proposals were by Patel Taylor and Trehearne Architects to replace a 26-storey mixed-use scheme. recently ruled out.

Judging by the social media comments, the harsh speech was well received by the profession.

Russell Curtis, director of the RCKa, called it “fierce and passionate” but said the architects were “desperately in need of some tough love.”

Ackroyd Lowrie director Oliver Lowrie praised some “really great points” while Tate + Co director Jerry Tate praised the “fantastic speech” that was “just right”.

Even RIBA’s regional director, Diane Small, endorsed the speech, saying, “Awesome message, great delivery, tremendous impact.”

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