Radicepura Garden Festival IV Edition

The Radicepura Garden Festival announces the call for ideas for the 4th edition of the Biennale dedicated to garden design, whose theme will be “The Botanical Garden”, conceived by Antonio Pirazzi, Artistic Director of the event. To stimulate reflection on this topic, with his own contribution, will be Paolo Pegroni, who will create a garden for the festival. The landscape architect has always been a promoter and advocate of an “untidy” garden able to grow vigorously, independently and spontaneously, a place of respect and care, as well as being hospitable, as reported in Un giardino semplice. Storie di felici accoglienze e armoniose convivenze (Einaudi).

“When we speak of a garden, we speak of a living, growing, rapidly changing entity; there is nothing worse, indeed, than an immobile garden. We are accustomed to the bourgeois stereotype that has accompanied us for nearly two centuries, the English garden, with organized spaces But free … We grew up with the idea of ​​green, which, however, costs in terms of the sacrifices that we demand of our neighbours, ”comments Paolo Bigroni. “We must be careful about the resources, the garden should be a small example of the local environment; English lawn is a selfish act because it is harmful in terms of the water consumed, the treatments needed, the hours of mowing. Let the gardens grow in the Italian way … Let us use the plants of the White Sea Average, in the garden you can not go against the nature of the places. ”

“Having Paolo Pejrone as a teacher and guest in the upcoming edition makes me very proud, and we at Radicepura are delighted to be able to give a home to one of his projects because he has always been supportive of seeing, as he himself defines it, of the ‘good garden sense’ we today call the environment, the garden that speaks About places, about happy coexistence and adaptations, in short, a garden that tells about life. Putting plants back into the center means going in search of the deeper meaning of this life”, says Mario Farrow, President of the Radicepura Foundation.

“The theme we’re proposing this year focuses on the botanical element: it’s no longer a natural result or just a decoration, but a springboard and professional inspiration. Designers, regardless of their training, will be invited to tackle the botany of landscape architects, elegant and well-designed projects capable of demonstrating benefits A high-quality artistic garden, modern, functional, poetic and serene. This is intended to encourage discussion of a different style of garden capable of promoting a conscious belonging to the natural world, gardens in which an honest relationship with plants is established on a daily basis”, concludes Antonio Pirazi, artistic director of the festival.

With this in mind, the Radicepura Garden Festival is launching a Call for Ideas 2023, inviting students, landscape architects, agronomists, garden designers, botanists, nurseries, urban planners, engineers, artists, students, curators, and all those with design skills and creativity. Garden, to participate in the fourth edition of the festival that will explore the theme of “The Botanical Garden”.

Gardens should be a celebration of the biodiversity, landscapes and man-made landscapes of the Mediterranean. Gardens should be innovative, attractive, usable, attract visitors’ attention and clearly state their design idea and mission. The festival encourages interaction with the audience, an innovative approach with new ideas that support and develop a positive relationship between people, their culture and the natural environment in which they live. The diversity of regions of the Mediterranean climate and the complex cultural history of the region offer a wide range of creative ideas.

The festival will be open for six months, therefore, it will be necessary to consider the development of the park during this period, and to minimize maintenance requirements. At the end of the release, the garden that has developed best during the six months of the event will receive the Gardenia Award, a special award from Garden Magazine.

The international call for participation is open to under 36 – individual professionals or teams of emerging architects – to create 6 gardens addressing the proposed theme. There will also be one park for the above 36-year-olds. The gardens will be created at Radicepura, the botanical garden of Giarre (Catania) – between Mount Etna and the Ionian Sea – in close contact with other gardens designed by internationally renowned landscape architects and artworks.

Garden designers will have the opportunity to express their creativity, making use of the indigenous plants grown in the Piante Faro Arboretum, which is home to more than 3,000 different species of tropical, succulent, aromatic, Mediterranean and citrus plants. Participation in the competition is free of charge, and the seven projects selected by the jury will have a budget of €10,000 between plant supplies and materials.

In the first stage, designers will be invited to join the call with an idea compelling enough to allow access to a select group out of which a shortlist of participants will be selected, who will be invited to produce a detailed project for a specific area that will be allocated to them. Among these, a final selection will be made of 7 winners who will be invited to set up their garden in the garden of the Radicepura Festival.

The list of the seven winning parks will be sent to interested parties by January 27, 2023.

Phase 1 applications will be accepted until November 14, 2022. To participate, download the call for applications at: www.radicepurafestival.com.


The Sicily Festival is the first international event dedicated to garden design and landscape architecture in the Mediterranean, which, since 2017, the year of its first edition, has participated in young designers, institutions, companies and major players in the fields of landscape design and art. and architecture.

The festival is organized by the Radicepura Foundation in collaboration with Piante Faro.

Radicepura Garden Festival:
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