Ready Player Me, Spatial, Polycount Partner for Vogue’s Fashion Metaverse

player ready for meone of the world’s largest avatar technology companies, recently partnered with Spatial and 3D immersive platform Polycount to host Vogue’s New World fashion community.

Spatial Award Winner Metaverse Axle It will allow visitors to attend full virtual encounters with surreal virtual product suites powered by blockchain technologies, allowing users to enter the new world using tablets, smartphones and Meta Quest headsets.

Polycount, which is XR Creative Content Agency, designs solutions for unparalleled metaverse experiences using the latest multi-counting protocol. Over the past two decades, the company has advanced research and development (R&D) to nurture digital experiences for users, customers, and businesses.

Ready Player Me, based in Tallinn, recently expanded its operations in a Series B Fundraising Worth $56 million, it’s increasing staffing and improving avatar-creation tools, among other things.

It also partnered with Geenee AR in April to further enhance its digital token capabilities, using recent body tracking technologies, for lifelike, real-time 3D (RT3D), and augmented reality (AR) content.

Actress Yimeng YuThe 27-year-old will be curating her popular digital fashion for the new creative space, where attendees can experience her masterpieces using their own Ready Player Me avatar. The platform will be launched in two phases, the first is currently available and the second set will open in October.

The news comes amid Vogue Singapore’s new fashion show, which opened its doors on Monday. Speaking about her fashion as quoted by Vogue, Yu explained,

“My design identity is dedicated to merging dark and elegance, softness and solidity, order and chaos. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that I grew up in China, which instilled in me the value of balancing yin and yang”

She went on to say that virtual designs that break the “limits of the physical world” have given her complete creative freedom to explore “electronic structures” and “mechanical creatures”.

“You can see the metaphor of mermaid folds, bird feathers, and machine fragments in my designs. The combination of soft materials and hard metals to create a deep visual experience is what I always strive to explore”

Spatial (Lay) Sardonic Metaverses

The news comes after Spatial Rebranding itself as the metaverse in December amid the launch of the non-fungible Bozo Island (NFT) space launch.

company Chief Business Officer, Jacob Lowensteinin a recent statement, has shifted its focus to enhancing “enterprise productivity,” connecting digital content creators, and “the broader NFT economy.”

DREST, a leading global company that also collaborates with some of the best fashion companies in the world Appointment of a new leadership To navigate the company’s expansion in spatial connections and adorable fashion.

The Creative Arts Agency (CAA) similarly appointed a Metaverse director in late August to Take a deep dive In the immersive world of creative digital content.

Many fashion giants such as Nike, Adidas, Gucci and under the shieldand others in leveraging metaverse technologies to interact with customers, explore product prototypes, launch campaigns, and Building digital economies to users.

Additional companies such as Psychic VR Labs, the artistInsomnia Labs, Decentraland, The Sandbox, and The Immersive Kind have hosted their own events to promote the creative digital industry to clients, developers, and businesses.

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