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For many people, there has been a deep desire to improve – personal, physical, and mental – during COVID-19 pandemic. Many Canadians were looking inward and exercising self carein search of a more relaxed state of mind, while others did a 15-minute routine of exercise videos streamed on YouTube for the physical benefits.

But after a year and a half of looking at the same blank walls, sitting at an uneven kitchen table turned workspace and standing dejectedly in a cold shower five minutes later, people are looking for a different kind of improvement: home renovations.

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according to exploratory study By TD Bank, more than a third of Canadians are planning major home renovations or repairs to accommodate their new lifestyles.

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Looking at the “new normal” includes the persistence of many people Work from homeIn this article, experts have shared some tips and tricks for people looking to renovate their spaces.

Keren Milman, owner and project manager Melman Design Build In Toronto, she recommends converting your garage into a usable space (for more than just a parked car).

Some of her clients have converted their garage into a home gym, set up a small yoga studio, or use it as their workstations.

“If you have children at home, they can be used in a quiet place,” she says.

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She adds that the multi-purpose room concept can expand into a basement or attic, which can be for more than just storage.

“People are looking to add more living space in their homes,” Millman says. You can also achieve this, she adds, by closing off part of your backyard to create a sunroom.

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One of the top priorities noted by Millman is kitchen renovation.

“People cook and eat a lot more at home,” she says.

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Ty Pennington, designer, carpenter and star of HGTV Canada’s Ty Breaker recently said morning show We can say goodbye to the all-white kitchen, which can be difficult to clean and can look a bit “sterile”.

He says painting your cabinets or island and adding color to bar stools and light fixtures can help liven up the space.

“It’s refreshing to finally start to see some color coming back in,” he adds.

Likewise, Millman recommends adding more green, two-tone and floral wallpaper (as an accent wall), to embrace a more natural environment.

Cottagecore is another trend that has emerged, which consists of a romantic, rustic, or agricultural aesthetic.

Pennington says you can achieve this feeling by adding dry flowers, incorporating monochromatic colors and creating texture through worn furniture.

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“Cottagecore nostalgia is the need for comfort,” he says, adding that it’s a nod to simpler times.

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Another way to add texture to your home is by expressing it through walls, says Pennington. Specifically, adding a Venetian plaster wall, planted walls, or wicker, or using a reed and flute finish will add dimension.

The price of wall finishes can vary, he adds, but some renovations can be done yourself, he adds. “(But) practice before you make it permanent.”

Millman says that since many people have a lot of time on their hands, finding ideas on Pinterest and watching them come to life can benefit your home space and can become a new hobby.

For some backyard hackers, DIY expert Jennifer Tryon recommends re-upholstering your patio furniture with a darker fabric so dirt and grime don’t show.

Using a sewing machine or Velcro, secure the fabric to the pillow inside so you can achieve a snug fit and from there, use a sewing machine or Velcro, she says.

If sewing isn’t your strong suit, you can also use outdoor fabric spray paint which can be a simple and effective freshen up.

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“It’s a nice way to bring new life (to your furniture) if you don’t sew,” she says. “And frankly, the difference between before and after is pretty cool when you’re just looking to create something quickly and easily without throwing it away.”

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For renovations that are beyond your “do-it-yourself” capabilities, landscaping with more plants in your home can be an inexpensive addition.

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