Report says Accenture leads in VR recruitment

Several factors in the extended reality (XR) market, including the Meta Platform’s slowdown in virtual reality (VR) recruitment, a downturn in the tech industry, and a drop in cryptocurrency prices have led to a significant shift in employment across the industry, Revelio Labs said recently. joint report with Bloomberg.

Amid growing interest in the Metaverse, other tech companies have raced to fill the Meta position as the driving force for the development of the spatial communication platform, after the latter company’s interest soared after its rebranding at the Facebook Connect 2021 event.

The report added that to date, Accenture remains the leading organization investing in global talent XR having taken on more jobs than Meta, meaning it targets design-focused skills compared to Meta’s approach to research and development (R&D).

The huge consulting firm also plans to use existing technologies to support customers who interact in the Metaverse as opposed to creating new technologies.

XR bumpers and headwinds

The news comes amid reports that some of the world’s largest tech companies, including Apple, Google, Meta and others, have begun to pull efforts to grow their workforce amid a major downturn in the tech industry.

Recent Reports leaked A Meta Platforms executive ordered employees to track down “low-performing” Facebook team members and report back to human resources, sparking outrage over the decision. The news comes on the heels of an ongoing record profit loss of $10 billion at the company’s Reality Labs division.

Apple planned to cut hiring for 2023, citing the ongoing economic crisis, but it won’t apply to all departments amid the Cupertino-based company’s mixed reality (MR) headset launch in the same period, according to experts familiar with the matter. Tell Bloomberg In July this year.

Despite the economic downturn, Accenture has outlined its roadmap to the Metaverse, or Metaverse Continuum Collectiondetailing conceptual plans to develop, deploy, and leverage immersive technologies for the next generation of organizations and their workforces.

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