Saint Laurent Rive Drouet presents the work of artist Laurent Perno and Pastel Head

In recent edition in Saint Laurent’s Rive Droite boutiques in Paris and Los Angeles there is an exhibition showcasing the collection of artist Laurent Pernot’s work. A total of 19 paintings, nine of which will be displayed in the brand’s Paris boutique and 10 in its Los Angeles boutique. The contemporary French artist’s repertoire includes mediums such as photography, video, installations, and sculptures, which he has been doing for the past two decades.

Some of the highlights that appear in the Twin City presentation are Perno’s latest series called “Reflections”. Comprised of painted wood and scraps of natural marble stitched together, these panels show images that reference a wide source spanning art history and different cultures. Everything from geography, time period and fleet becomes meaningless to Pernod as it is encapsulated in Pernod’s paintings.

Inspired by Victor Hugo’s collection of poems of the same name, which explored the idea of ​​dividing the autobiography into different verses, Pernod’s artworks displayed in the Saint Laurent Rive Droite boutiques attempt to reconcile disparate dichotomies such as “man and nature, transience and eternity, memory and oblivion, history and love.” The pastel-hued paintings show a sense of dreaminess, but beyond that a more complex composition awaits its viewer’s interpretation.

Works such as Our endless love (2021), in the cloud (2022), Rainbow over tears (2022) and still life (bike) (2015). While in Los Angeles, include the artwork on display The memory of our love shall bridge the ages (2021), behind the garden (2022) and Gulf before sunset (2022).

Laurent Pernot is represented by Galerie Marguo and the exhibition is curated by Anthony Vaccarello, Creative Director of Saint Laurent. Over the years, the designer has actively invited dozens of artists to display their artwork in two Rive Droite stores as a way to expand the brand’s reach and connection to the art world and also to communicate the artistic vision of the Parisian home.

On display now through January 12, 2023 at Saint Laurent Rive Droite boutiques in Paris and Los Angeles.

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