Shady SudoRare jumps with more than 800,000 users’ money

In a very common occurrence within the NFT sector, the words ‘carpet’ and ‘clouds’ once again found themselves intertwined. This last event, seeing inherently fishy SudoRare . platform Don’t waste time stealing user money.

Earlier in the month, news started circulating regarding the arrival of the SudoRare platform. An obvious ‘fork’ of the two popular and offline NFT platforms, SudoSwap and LooksRare. Basically, it promises to offer lucrative bonuses to those who make their bets look $and $WETH and $XMON on its platform, in addition to integrating the NFT market.

However, in a move that seemed inevitable to many Twitter users, SudoRare waited just 6 hours before withdrawing funds, shutting down its online presence, and making illicit gains. When the dust settled and the robbery materialized, 519 ETH ($800,000) He disappeared beneath the black hole of SudoRare.

Before the indescribable verbs, Alarm bells It’s already starting to ring in social media circles. With many users warning of SudoRare pull the rug Possible because of her insistence on anonymity. A move that likely reduced the impact of the scam, and forced the SudoRare team to jump ship early.

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