Sony unveils Mocap system for XR designs, Avatars

Sony released a batch of wearable motion capture (mocap) devices just in time for the holidays announce In a press release.

Sony’s Mocopi mocap system uses six colorful trackers that people can wear on their bodies. Users can place them on the ankles, wrists, head, and hip to capture and monitor the movements in real time to control their avatars.

Sony said in its press release that the devices use proprietary technologies with a smartphone app to create immersive videos with full body control.

Sony said in a press release:

β€œTypically, video production using motion capture requires specialized equipment and operators. By using our proprietary algorithm, Mocopi creates high-accuracy motion measurement using a small number of sensors, freeing VTubers (virtual broadcasters) and creators involved in film and animation production from time constraints.” and place

The Japanese company will open pre-sales in mid-December and mocap units will cost around $358 (JPY 49,500). The kit will include a software development kit as of December 15th to interface with metaverse platforms such as VRChat.

Image of Sony’s “Mocopi” trackers. Image: Sony Corporation

Comments on the Mocopi Mocap System

Jesse Gaudry, CTO of VRChat and Co-Foundersaid that his company led the industry in “complete tracking with virtual reality headsets for PC”.

He said:

With the introduction of Sony’s ‘mocopi’, we are delighted to be able to provide the same functionality for our standalone VR headsets […] We would like users of all headsets to fully experience the full tracking functionality of VRChat.

HIKKY CEO, Yasushi Funakoshi He added that he was pleased that a global company like Sony is “approaching a new emerging market” with a “robust” mocap solution for startups and creators who struggle to obtain such devices.

In conclusion he said:

β€œIt is difficult to develop and sell such devices on our own, but they are necessary to solve the fundamental problems of the market. We are confident that this device, [provided] With Sony’s world-class technology and know-how, it will create many opportunities for [the] Creative revolution.

Sony expands plans for the Metaverse

The news comes as Sony expands its metaverse portfolio of solutions to compete with immersive global players. For enterprises, it is acquired XR Beyond Sports to enhance real-time 3D (RT3D) animation.

It plans to integrate Beyond Sports’ metaverse technologies to create RT3D sports event experiences for basketball, football, baseball, tennis, and other competitions. Sony’s latest tracking addition will also replicate sporting events with digital twins and mocap ball tracking systems to engage sports audiences.

The company has it too New blockchain technology patented Amid its launch of PlayStation VR 2 (PSVR2) to buy, sell and trade digital assets. Players can capture gameplay on Sony Playstation consoles, including photos, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), videos, and more.

This will allow esports fans to monetize their gameplay by selling key moments as NFTs.

The tech giant also announced a massive strategic partnership in May with Epic Games to further its offshoot ambitions. will use its stream Serious gaming technologies To create social, collaborative and gaming communities.

Sony Group CEO Kenichiro Yoshida He explained that he would expand across the “Kando” entertainment space to create feeling and emotion. She will also work with major companies such as Manchester City Football Club, and perform live with Sony Music. The company may also launch a strategic deal with Honda Motor Company for electric vehicles in 2025.

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