Sthapotik on top of the mausoleum of Bangladesh with a “chandelier” of skylights

roller chain manipulator And brick Constellations are distinguished in this Bangladesh The mausoleum, designed by architecture studio Sthapotik as a reference to traditional Islamic buildings.

Named for the mausoleum of Shah Muhammad Mahshin Khan, the towered brick volume was designed as a dargah, or mausoleum, to house the family tombs of a local religious leader.

Sthapotik established a shrine in Bangladesh

“Meaning ‘gateway’ in Persian, a dargah is the abode of the tomb of a sacred religious figure,” he said. Sthapotik.

The studio continued, “Metaphorically, the dargah is the home of the earthly body.”

A towered brick building from Stapotik
It features brick towers

Drawing on the image of a chandelier, Sthapotik’s studio in Dhaka topped the shrine with a ceiling of cylindrical skylights that stretch out into the space.

“The basic idea was to make a ‘chandelier of heaven’ that would bless souls with the light of heaven for their noble work on earth,” lead architect Sharifuddin Ahmed told Dezeen.

Brick entrance to the mausoleum of Shah Muhammad Mahshin Khan in Bangladesh by Sthapotik
The design refers to traditional Islamic buildings

The square-shaped building consists of four walls each with six cylindrical towers with perforations at the top for ventilation.

The towered walls are made of red brick obtained from a nearby brick field, paying homage to the area’s traditional architecture.

A cultural building lit by cylindrical skylights
Marble plinth in the center of the space

“We were very inspired by the square-plan mosques of the Sultanate period in Bengal and tried to transform the essence of that period in a contemporary way that is very much rooted in Bengali mosque architecture,” Ahmed said.

The shrine is approached by a path that leads to the corner of the building, and was built on top of a raised brick plinth to avoid flooding. It is accessed by a flight of steps, with a ramp providing additional access to one side of the site.

Cylindrical concrete skylights
It is topped by a “chandelier” of skylights

Four doors made of locally sourced iron bars and panels provide entry points on each side of the building and feature patterns inspired by Islamic motifs.

“The decoration on the doors is inspired by Islamic motifs and design,” Ahmed said. “The star on the door represents five members of the Prophet’s family, with God remaining in the center, while the cut-outs of the pattern allow for ventilation and visibility when the door is closed.”

Inside, three graves of the owner’s family are raised on a square marble platform in the center of the room, with a fourth space left empty for the owner of the project.

“Marble is considered a precious material and is used in many of the famous Islamic architecture in the Indian subcontinent,” Ahmed said. “White marble was chosen because white is a symbol of peace and its reflective quality illuminates the entire interior.”

Entrance to Bangladesh mausoleum by Sthapotik
The doors are decorated with Islamic motifs

Designed to mimic mosques with multiple domes, the roof features a grid of thirty-six circular openings that allow light to enter the interior.

Sixteen of the louvres in the center of the ceiling are extended down into the space to form a skylight arrangement illuminated by the chandelier above the central plinth.

View of Bangladesh shrine by Sthapotik from a nearby river
The shrine is built on top of a raised brick plinth to prevent flooding

“Round punches and cylindrical squiggles hanging from the waffle ceiling come together in a dynamic chandelier, allowing natural light to seep into the veranda and create a natural pattern on the floor,” said the studio.

Other shrines found at Dezeen include Tomb designed by Adolf Loos built in a historic cemetery in London And Marble installation presented at Milan Design Week in 2017.

Photography by Asif Salman.

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