Surman Weston is set in a geometric pool house in Surrey House Gardens

architecture studio Surman Weston He set up a swimming pool house in the gardens of the large house I will seeUnited Kingdom, and filed by A Cement Basement with a view of the surrounding forest.

Located near Reigate Heath, a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), the structure was designed by a London studio Surman Weston with a landscape designer Matthew Childswhich helped locate within the gardens already filled with benches and terraces.

Surman Weston has created an engineered pool house in Surrey

“The client commissioned the project out of a desire to make greater use of the south-facing rear garden, creating new spaces for rest, exercise and socialization,” explained the studio.

He continued, “A bold, geometric insertion into nature, the pool house serves as a counterpoint to the setting, which is a blend of mature woodland and a landscaped garden featuring exposed Westmorland stone and organically shaped ponds.”

View of the wood and concrete pool house designed by Surman Weston
Set in woodland gardens

By negotiating a 1.5m change in level across the site, the pool house is raised on a concrete base, topped with a disc-shaped floor plate.

Functioning as a platform and balcony, half sheltered and half open to the elements, this circular base intersects the 10m rectangular pool that juts out towards the forest.

The enclosed area of ​​the pool house, protected by a semicircular corrugated metal roof, is constructed of exposed Douglas fir visible on the underside of the canopy and interior roof.

There is a kitchen and sitting area with wood burning stove next to the bathroom, divided by storage space. Full height sliding doors allow these spaces to open fully onto the balcony depending on the season.

Garden suite with swimming pool
It is raised on a concrete base

“The palette is limited to three building materials: concrete, wood and a corrugated aluminum roof that protrudes above the pool house facade to create a canopy and deep sill between the inside and the outside,” explained Surman Weston.

“Sliding doors allow the entire pool house to open onto the terrace, transforming the compact interior space into a much larger outdoor room suitable for al fresco dining, with a seamless transition through the use of poured concrete floors inside and out.” .

The interior of the garden pavilion is lined with wood, designed by Surman Weston
Wood features in the restricted materials palette

The palette of restrained materials is carried over into the interior, where the curved back wall of the pool house is finished in natural stucco with simple light fixtures and wood furniture.

London-based architecture studio Surman Weston was founded in 2014 by Tom Surman and Percy Weston. Other recent projects by the studio include A.J Hackney teaching space for kids to learn about food, 2022 Stephen Lawrence Award recipients, A.J House in Surbiton Designed as contemporary to its Tudor-like surroundings.

Photography by Jim Stephenson.

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