Teen girl’s bedroom gallery wall

Last week, I finally tackled the gallery wall in my daughter’s bedroom. My sixteen year old daughter has been collecting paintings and prints for a while now and she knows she wants a big eclectic set of pieces on the wall opposite her bed.

This wall is too big. So it took a while to collect enough pieces to fill it really well. There’s definitely room for her to add to this collection, but the wall really feels just as beautiful and plump as it is.

The mirror has been around for two years now, and I love how it’s reflection mural It flows with art.

Teen Girl's Room Gallery Wall

With an eclectic set like this, I think the best way to create a cohesive feel is to focus on balancing the color. So I tend to create visual triangles of color in an effort to make sure that all the main colors represented are scattered throughout the gallery wall.

teenage girl bedroom design

The variety of sizes as well as the direction of the cut as well as the color balance help to keep the eye moving. But mostly, I try not to overthink things, and just like to have fun! The only thing I really think about when I’m hanging a gallery wall is the spacing. I really think that keeping the spaces the same all the time makes all the individual pieces more related, which makes one big statement.

Eclectic colorful wall gallery

Since my girl wanted an eclectic and collected look, I used a mix of new and antique gold and black frames.

teenage girl gallery wall

Some of the pieces were handmade by my daughter, and some were painted by my mom. There is nothing better than original art created by loved ones.

teenage girl gallery wall

Some pieces were provided or purchased from local artists (like this black and white silhouette of Joe from Little Women by Tweet embed This cylinder is printed by Tweet embed). And some of the prints were found on Etsy (all linked below).

teen gallery wall
Framing idea using a vintage frame

I will always love the way the gallery wall brings personality to a space!

Teen room with antique secretary desk

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