The Aethos Ericeira Hotel in Portugal was designed by Astet and Pedra Silva

Lisbon-based Pedra Silva Arquitectos has teamed up with Spanish design studio Astet to transform a former cliff-top farmhouse in PortugalThe West Coast is a destination for surfers.

Aethos Ericeira is a 50-room hotel perched high on sandstone cliffs, overlooking the beach on a stretch of coastline known to offer some of the best waves in Portugal.

Aethos Ericeira occupies a converted farmhouse. Photo courtesy of Francisco Nogueira

Piedra Silva Arquitectus He supervised the construction work, which included the reworking of the facades Astet He redesigned the spatial flow and designed the visual aesthetic of the interiors.

Their design draws from its location, combining references to the rural landscape with elements of surf culture, also taking advantage of the elevated view.

Facade of the Ethos Hotel
The original facade has been updated with projecting box windows. Photo courtesy of Francisco Nogueira

Large windows, simple furnishings, and an earthy color palette help create an environment where visitors can feel relaxed and connected.

“When we came across the property, we immediately knew it was a unique opportunity – a secluded destination atop a 40-meter cliff, surrounded by lush fields with unparalleled ocean views,” said CEO and Co-Founder Benjamin Abel.

“The building, which was a former farm house turned rehab center, has been abandoned for many years,” Lidzien said. “Despite its poor form, we saw huge potential.”

The lobby of the Aethos Ericeira Hotel
Arched windows are a major feature in the lobby. Image by PION Studio

The venue is one of five hotels under the Aethos brand, along with locations in France and Italy.

Like its sister venues, the ethos of Aethos Ericeira is to promote mindfulness among guests, by providing wellbeing-focused spaces and experiences.

Atrium with arched windows at Aethos Ericeira
The material palette includes wood, rattan and soft green tiles. Image by PION Studio

For Pedra Silva Arquitectos, this has meant a greater sense of cohesion for the existing buildings and the various extensions that have been added over the years.

The old farmhouse has been kept simple, with light-coloured walls, a clay tile roof, arched partitions and projecting box windows. Meanwhile, other parts of the building were updated with wood slats and metal panels.

“We felt the solution was to create a clear distinction between old and new, to return the existing building to something closer to its original state, and to give modern extensions and new construction their distinctive character,” said studio founder Luis Pedra Silva.

For newer areas of expansion, the challenge to achieve a well-integrated contemporary look and feel,” added architect Bernardo Ndayes.

“We achieved this by combining strong materialism with surgical demolitions – removing some of the pitched roofs, opening up the balconies – which allowed us to Reinterpretation of facades into clearer shapes and sizes. “

The bedroom building of Aethos Ericeira
Wooden slats clad in one of the new buildings. Image by PION Studio

Astet’s interior design strategy centers around year-round experience.

The materials palette includes warm natural materials like wood, velvet, and rattan, but also has cooler surfaces that include marble and stone.

Swimming pool
The swimming pool is surrounded by buildings. Image by PION Studio

“Ericera can be great and sunny, but there are a few months when it gets windy and rainy, so the first goal was for the rooms and public spaces to work in the summer and warm in the winter,” said Alaa Zureikat of the estate.

“However, we didn’t want to be too careful and use Portuguese tiles, because I think that’s the first thing that everyone associates with Portugal,” Desin said. “We wanted to achieve a more complex twist.”

surf shop
The hotel is designed for surfing enthusiasts. Image by PION Studio

The most distinctive space is the hotel’s reception, which features original arched windows, soft green tiles, and large louvre screens.

Bedrooms are simpler, with custom headboards, muted fabrics, and wood floors.

“The door to the room is a full-size mirror, so wherever you are, you’ll always have a view of the ocean,” Zureikat said.

Onda Restaurant
Onda is the hotel’s restaurant. Image by PION Studio

Aethos Ericeira’s facilities include a restaurant, gym, heated salt water pool, meditation and yoga platform, spa with hammam and hot tile, and treatment rooms.

The landscaping work helps create an easy flow between these spaces, linking them to the paths leading down to the beach.

Other beach hotels to be opened include Ethos Suites Vegan in Santorini Villa W In Saint-Tropez, and Patina Maldives.

Photography by Francisco Nogueira And the Pune studio.

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