The best air conditioning units that were not perfect for the eyes

An air conditioning unit can make or break summer comfort – but these bulky appliances may lack minimal appeal and may not do your home decor any favors. While it’s arguably a summertime necessity, conventional air conditioning units can be quite heavy, noisy, and unsightly (not to mention very uncomfortable getting in and out of windows). And while we know appearance isn’t everything, it doesn’t hurt to have a tool that can keep your home cool and looking great while you do it.

Fortunately, many brands now offer aesthetically pleasing window air conditioning units that don’t look like aircraft engines, and come equipped with cool (!) features like energy-saving technology and compatibility with smart home assistants. And someone obviously heard our complaints about the pain of installation – many models promise quick, hassle-free setup and come packed with all the extras you need to get the unit up and running in your window.

Whether you choose the famous TikTok windmill air conditioner Or a friend of the design July Available in a range of trendy colours, you can relax without sacrificing beauty this summer.

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