The best clothing brands with flexible sizes that fit you through every stage of your size transition

Nobody stays the same size forever. It’s common to go up or down a size (or two) seasonally, to wear a size up during the winter holidays, and then to go down again once you get back to your normal routine. Or maybe you experienced a schedule change that made it difficult to cook meals at home or go to the gym. Or maybe you became ill, committed to a healthier lifestyle, or even saw bloating the same day after eating a large meal or salty snack.

Living in yoga pants is one option, but there is a better way. Let us introduce you to the concept of flexible size clothing.

Instead of buying multiple sizes of all your favorite clothes, there are clothing brands that make flexible-fit shirts, pants, dresses, and more that will fit you through every stage. They do this by incorporating stretchy materials, elastic waistbands, adjustable straps and more clever details.

Designer Alison Brun from The pattern that connects us He recommends looking for pants with “the right amount of stretch” around the tummy, hips and butt. To test the stretch, do a squat. Make sure the pants are comfortable, low to the ground, and that the material bounces back once you stand up. If the material takes too long to bounce back, the pants will end up feeling loose over time. Other ways to make sure clothing will withstand sizing changes is to look for items that are “slightly forgiving” in fabric and design or that contain roughage, which is very Bronn said tolerantly.

We’ve rounded up the best online sources for plus size clothing below.

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