The cost of attending an NHL match in every Canadian city, ranked – national

in World professional hockeyNo two teams are created equal – and according to some eye-opening data, there are no fan experiences either.

Fans all over the country face huge price differences when it comes to attending a party NHL The game and the hit to the wallet all depends on where the games go.

Online gambling site Time2Play has beaten the number of what it is Instructs a fan to attend an NHL match In every franchise city and although attendance isn’t exactly cheap Which On the scene, the cost of an average fan experience in some Canadian cities is nothing short of amazing.

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Time2Play looked at the single ticket price plus two beers, one hot dog (unfortunately, yes, only one) and parking, Collect the cost of the four to determine their order.

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Canada’s most expensive city, by far—surprise, surprise—is Toronto, where Maple Leafs cost $240.78 for a single person. In fact, Leafs fans pay the second highest price to attend a game across the entire league, with only the New York Rangers earning a higher total of $247.99.

On the other side of the Canadian currency, Ottawa Senators fans get the best bang for the buck for the money they’ve made with an average game cost of around $123.13. But the Sens aren’t the cheapest league-level experiences; It costs less to see the Florida Panthers, Columbus Blue Jackets, Buffalo Sabers, and Arizona Coyotes.

The other five Canadian teams fall somewhere in the middle, with Montreal Canadiens coming in as the second most expensive fan experience in Canada at $196.79 per game. Vancouver Canucks fans pay the third highest amount for Canadian NHL fans, at a cost of $159.49 per game.

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Edmonton Oilers fans pay somewhere in the middle of the pack, with a game experience of $159.18, while Winnipeg Jets fans have the third cheapest game to attend in Canada, at $139.11.

Calgary Flames fans have a relatively inexpensive treat on game day, paying only $4 more than a Senators fan, at $127.48 per game.

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Time2Play’s Ben Trainor told Global News he was keen to look at the cost of attending an NHL game, because he has a keen interest in hockey and is a die-hard Chicago Blackhawks fan.

“I’ve noticed in the past 10 years or so that the cost of taking a family to a game in Chicago has spiraled out of control,” Trainor, who specializes in digital PR, told Global News. “When you consider parking and snacks, it wouldn’t be unusual to spend $500 or more to take a family of four into one game—and that’s with below-average seating.”

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However, it’s not all bleak: Trainor said he was surprised by some of the data and noted that there is a lot of value in some of the sites.

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“The cheapest experience on the list is in Phoenix, and this is a very nice place in the winter months when hockey season is in full swing.”

Trainor says he hopes the NHL realizes how quickly the average person is being excluded from attending games in person and does something to remedy that.

“If we want today’s youth to maintain an interest in the NHL as they get older, we have to make sure that they have access to live games in their formative years so they can build those memories that last a lifetime,” he said. “I would suggest that teams offer Family Days more often, or even offer discounted tickets for kids who come with a parent, just to make things more affordable.”

Chart showing the prices of hot dogs and beer in yards in the United States

Courtesy / Time2Play

Before The official start of the hockey season This week, Canadians can still feel good about not being subject to the university’s highest prices for beer and sausage.

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Time2Play found that Rangers fans pay a staggering $19.75 for one beer, and Seattle Kraken fans have to fork out more than $10.50 for one hot dog.

Hopefully the league doesn’t pass demon Buck on this.

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