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People in Edmonton want their yards to look sharp, and they want to create a haven without having to leave their property.

Troy Fouger of APS Landscaping said he gets calls and messages all day and evening from people who want to get quotes for landscaping jobs.

“Last year, the epidemic was busy. We kind of expected it to slow down a little bit this year, and this year, for us, it’s been a little bit crazier,” Fougere said.

“We usually book eight weeks in advance, so this year we’re about 16 (weeks in advance)…maybe we’re booking until the end of August for now.”

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Many landscape companies are experiencing a busier-than-usual season.

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Chantelle and David MacArthur of Blue Isle Landscaping said people should call now if they hope to get the work done this season. While booking is done quickly, there are also supply issues.

“Therefore, it is being made sure that we have sufficient time to order and install these supplies,” Chantelle said.

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It’s hard to say why so many people choose to get work done in their yards, but Chantelle thinks it’s partly because people have realized how nice it is to have a safe haven at home.

The pandemic has stopped many lives. You can’t travel, what will you do? You probably live in your own backyard.”

“People are enjoying themselves at home, and they’re almost stuck on this train of ideas to make this what you want it to be,” David added.

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David said people are already in the places of gas fires, and they are using rocks and water features to patch back yards.

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Fougere also believes that the housing boom is playing a role in people’s desire to do landscaping.

“Maybe a lot of people are selling their homes, from Ontario, or British Columbia, and we’re seeing a move here, and there’s a lot of new homes being built,” Fougere said.

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There’s still plenty of time to hook up with a company and get your landscaping done, but even if everything else works out, the weather has to cooperate too.

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“We have a feeling the summer will be wetter,” Fougere said. “Last summer was kind of dry so it was nice, so we’ll see what happens.”

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