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kitchen furniture tips

It goes without saying that the kitchen is the most important part of the house where food is prepared. Therefore, the kitchen must be kept clean and organized as this helps in ease of operation and makes cooking enjoyable. Thus, owning kitchen furniture or choosing a Modular kitchen is the standard today to keep it more organized. Some of the tips that you can keep in mind while making kitchen furniture are given below.

kitchen work triangle

Before planning the kitchen furniture design, define the kitchen work triangle. In simple terms, before proceeding with the layout of the kitchen and kitchen furniture, define the triangle for the placement of the refrigerator, stove and sink. Once this is done, you can proceed to planning the kitchen furniture.

Source: HouseBeautiful

Sometimes all three — the sink, stove, and refrigerator — come in a straight line. Then the kitchen furniture should be planned so that one side contains the kitchen furniture cabinets and the other side contains the kitchen workstation. Therefore, the design of kitchen furniture changes depending on the shape of the kitchen – a U-shaped kitchen, an L-shaped kitchen, a corridor kitchen or an open kitchen.

Create a floor plan

Everyone has their own style of working in the kitchen. So, try to define your style of work. While one may need a large refrigerator and not use a microwave oven, another may need space for both a microwave oven and an OTG. Some people may also want to have a dedicated cutlery rack. So, once you have decided on the kitchen utensils, designing the kitchen furniture becomes easier.

Kitchen furniture and table height

Remember that the gap between the height of the counter and the kitchen furniture is an important point while designing the kitchen furniture. The difference should not be greater, otherwise the purpose of the work will not be adequately presented. Moreover, it will cause inconvenience for people of average height to work in the kitchen where things are kept at a certain height. They will constantly need a kitchen ladder or chair to get things from the upper cabinets of the kitchen furniture. As a rule of thumb, the height of the kitchen worktop should be around one’s waist and other kitchen furniture should be planned accordingly so that one can reach things easily while cooking.

Tips on designing kitchen furniture

Kitchen furniture colors

Colors play a major role in defining your kitchen furniture. While white and pastels are pleasant to the eyes and look stunning, Indian kitchen furniture gets dirty very soon due to the strong spices we use in the food including turmeric, coriander and red chili powder. Thus, maintaining the light colored kitchen furniture will be a big task. Instead, choose dark, but not overwhelming colors. If you like pastels, choose a darker pastel shade to reduce the risk of dirtying your kitchen furniture. You also have the option to choose one color and do the entire kitchen in one color or choose dual tones. Remember that kitchen decor should match and complement the rest of the home, even when it has an elegant feel. It should not be in contrast to the rest of the house.

Some of the kitchen furniture colors and designs are given below, you can take ideas here.

Tips on designing kitchen furniture

Source: The Perfect House

The open kitchen in one dark shade looks elegant and matches the home décor.

Tips on designing kitchen furniture

Source: Elle Decor

You can also try dual color kitchen furniture. Here the grayish white complements the woody brown, giving a rustic chic look to the kitchen.

Kitchen furniture materials

In the case of kitchen furniture, the design and materials used for the cabinets will have a direct impact on the budget. Choose durable, maintainable materials that are available in abundance.

  • Slices: Using slats for kitchen furniture is the most recommended option as they are long lasting, easy to maintain and available in many designs and colors that make the users happy.

Tips on designing kitchen furniture

Source: SK Modular

  • PVC: It is easy to maintain as it is waterproof and is not affected by insects such as termites. Moreover, PVC kitchen furniture is easy to install. However, the PVC kitchen furniture material is not very strong, it may start to sag or bend after some time. Also, they are prone to surface scratches which one has to watch out for.

Tips on designing kitchen furniture

Source: Ashirwad Interiors & Home Automation

  • wood veneer: The surface is made of wood but not the whole cabinet, which can reduce their costs. They also keep your cabinets free of termites and mold while giving the perfect wood look to your kitchen.

Tips on designing kitchen furniture

Source: Pepperfry

  • steel: While old kitchens were made of steel, they are not preferred today due to the high cost involved. However, steel is preferred for the inner surface of cabinets and shelves because it is tough and a better choice compared to other metals available in the market.

Kitchen furniture: time for a makeover

You can remodel your kitchen furniture if your kitchen falls into the categories mentioned below:

  • Damage to existing kitchen furniture: The kitchen is the most important part of the house with a lot of functions involved. Constant opening and closing of tanks can cause damage. A broken hinge or channel can be repaired and used. However, the walls of broken cabinets, and the customization of kitchen carts may require a major renovation.
  • Need for space: If you have modular kitchen furniture setup with basic facilities and want to redesign your kitchen to make more space. The kitchen needs to be remodeled so that the newly available space is used as efficiently as possible.
  • To increase storage capacity: In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, people continue to stay and work from home, hence your kitchen must have enough storage capacity for proper grocery management. If your kitchen furniture is low on storage, create more space in the form of additional cabinets or shelves.
  • Outdated: If your kitchen furniture has become outdated in terms of ease of use or outdated in terms of looks, it’s time to renovate it.

Make your kitchen multifunctional

  • Choose a suitable kitchen furniture layout so that the storage cabinets are built on top.
  • A drawer containing all cooking accessories such as spoons, forks and ladles should be integrated under the stove.
  • Storage for daily use vessels
  • Build lockers to hold extra groceries and spices
  • Kitchen furniture must have space to keep all your expensive crockery and cutlery.

Consider your cupboards

All kitchen items must be in their designated places if the kitchen is to look clean and organized. In addition to kitchen utensils, it is also a good idea to hide appliances because they improve their life expectancy, look clean and protect them from dust and rust. It is a good idea to invest in kitchen furniture cupboards and cupboards to protect your kitchen utensils. It also gives a luxurious look.

Tips on designing kitchen furniture

Source: Elle Décor

questions and answers

What are the criteria for choosing the color of kitchen furniture?

Choose dark shades or those that are easy to maintain. While the white color looks elegant, it needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly because the stains may change color to a yellowish white.

What should be considered while planning the layout of the kitchen?

While designing the kitchen layout, remember that the kitchen furniture should not be too close to the gas or exhaust/chimney fan as it will have a negative impact on the kitchen furniture. The kitchen should be well ventilated, and kitchen furniture should not become an obstacle in it.

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