Unknown Works finishes off the CLT House extension with a bright yellow display

The Unknown Works architecture studio sprawled out semi-detached a house in the East Londonadding vibrant yellow shapes to the front and back.

CLT House is named after her cross-laminated timber (CLT), the project was completed for a family who wanted extra space for musical and creative pursuits, as well as parties and family gatherings.

Unknown Works have extended semi-detached house in East London

Unknown works He reconfigured and extended the ground floor of the existing house to open up the cramped living areas while improving its connection to the rear garden.

Entered through a custom wood pivot door and set in an oversized yellow hallway, a new pivot leads through the home to the hatch-roof kitchen and dining area.

The front door with a bright yellow cover
Yellow colored shapes have been added to the front and back

The kitchen and diner are located in the bright yellow rear extension which opens onto the brick paved garden patio.

Planning requirements dictated that the shape of the extension be stepped, which Unknown Works used as an opportunity to incorporate a bright yellow planter for a small herb garden into which the kitchen window looks out.

Yellow rear extension to CLT House by Unknown Works
The posterior extension has a staggered shape

Between CLT House’s new dining room and existing living room, sliding glass doors open onto a small white pebbled patio, creating a circular path across the ground floor as well as providing ventilation.

For the structure, Unknown Works designed a set of prefabricated CLT spruce structural panels, which allowed the project to be assembled on site in just four days.

Exposed wooden frame kitchen
It was named CLT House after its laminated timber structure

Internally, the CLT bodywork was left exposed and used to create storage and seating areas, while externally it was insulated and finished in Banana Yellow with gently rounded edges.

“The CLT’s structural grille is left exposed, creating an opportunity for long-hinged aluminum light tracks that fill the extension with ambient light, designed to enhance the natural texture of the interior wood,” Unknown Works explained.

She continues, “The yellow inserts are softened by gently rounded edges to add softness to its overall shape, and the stainless steel rain chains—a traditional Japanese gutters option—cancel any visual clutter created by the downpipes.”

Dark kitchen from CLT House from Unknown Works
The exposed CLT contrasts with the dark kitchen cabinets

In contrast to the CLT House’s faded wood walls, the kitchen is finished with black counters topped with stainless steel, including a movable island on spinner wheels, and black metal window and door frames.

Interested in “expanding applications” of a single material, Unknown Works also designed home and front door dimming switches, all made of CLT.

The inner courtyard of the London residence
There is an inner courtyard

Other London accessories that have recently used bold colours S&M Office Additions Millennium Pink and Mint Green For a house in the north of the capital and Alexander Owen Kitchen Annex to Blue Architecture to a lodging in Dulwich.

Project credits:

Architect: Unknown works
Theo James Petrohelos, Ben Hayes, Cowen Who, and Juno Howard
Annabel Bligh and Luke Legfield
Structural Engineer:
Martin Redstone Associates
Interior Designer:
Unknown works
Book London
Certified Building Inspector:
Construction control approval
Main contractor:
Totka Building Services Limited
CLT Contractor:
Construct CLT

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