What is Matt Hancock’s vision for Metaverse and Web3?

Former British Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Matt Hancock uploaded his image to the Metaverse on Wednesday as an avatar in collaboration with IT consulting firm Whitespace.

In a virtual space hosted on Whitespace’s Shift platform, Hancock, who is represented by an avatar and a recorded video, stated that people have the opportunity to ensure that the Metaverse is “open, free, and defined by open standards.” [and] Not by a few organizations.”

Responding to the news and social media, Hancock explained that only a few groups are “setting the rules of the game for the town square and public discourse.”

“If you are one of the richest people in the world, you can buy one of the town squares in order to set out the rules of the game as explicitly as you see fit. [I] They believe that public discourse needs a democratic basis [and] It should be based on open standards, a free and open environment in which all newcomers can contribute.”

He also urged Metaverse safety protocols to protect Internet users while allowing free communication between groups. He added that Metaverse will also provide tremendous benefits such as connectivity for people with mobility impairments who were unable to travel, as well as opening up opportunities for people who were previously unable to access them due to circumstances.

he finished

What will really spark new ways of thinking and doing [are] New connections between parts of the Metaverse. It’s the connection and deep integration of economic life embedded in the Metaverse from the start, that will have the most transformative impact in ways we don’t yet know.

Andrew Weber, Head of Marketing and Revenue at WhitespaceHe explained that Hancock’s view on Metaverse and Web3 “sheds a wonderful light” on the opportunities that companies should work with lawmakers to build best practices “for the benefit of all.”

White space sets sail across the Metaverse

according to Blog post In late May, Weber wrote that so far, companies are considering “the appropriateness and application of ‘Metaverse and Web3 technologies’ for digital transformation and the evolution of their business model.”

Citing Accenture’s extensive adoption of XR technologies, specifically after providing 60,000 virtual reality (VR) headsets to new employees on board, he said he would “watch with great interest” the company’s exploration of collaborative and productivity tools.

Whitespace Shift’s enterprise digital collaboration platform is set to launch in the next few months to experience the Metaverse and its benefits in collaboration, project delivery, and communications.

he wrote,

“What we have found is that our ambition is not matched by what Metaverse technology can currently do.”

He added that companies will need to enhance the development of the Metaverse by meeting the requirements of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and larger companies, leading to new revenue streams and customer experiences (CX).

explaining further,

“I am sure that over the coming months we will be sharing our experiences of creating new collaboration experiences within the Metaverse for the Enterprise, which I am sure will be a mixture of the transparent frustrations of technology constrained mixed with excitement and the possibilities of what could be.”

Hancock’s comments come at a time when British Chancellor Rishi Sunak hopes to become the next British Prime Minister. said in April He plans to position the UK as a “global hub for crypto-asset technology.”

Downing Street aims to boost emerging technologies across the workforce following the launch of new stablecoin regulations in the UK economy via the HM Treasury’s ‘Financial Market Infrastructure Protection Fund’ to support businesses and start-ups with the support of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

The Sandbox program will act as an accelerator for the innovation of emerging technologies and financial instruments, as well as minting non-fungible tokens (NFTs) via the Royal Mint and founding the Cryptoasset Engagement Group, among other efforts.

The government also hosted Augmented Reality (AR) job fair Hosted in February to attract a young workforce looking to improve skills on Snap AR Lens’ spatial computing platform.

Saudi Enrichment Center also Hosted an event in March To promote a group of five immersive Saudi developers, they display their creations based on Meta Quest 2 at a gala event at County Hall in London.

Several experts from Saudi Aramco, Digital Catapult, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Unity Technologies supported the group to train, mentor and provide expert knowledge on creative content design.

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