What size lampshade should I use?

If I caught Instagram stories This past weekend, as you know, I scored some really cool vintage lamps at my local Goodwill store on Saturday night. *(Sidenote – I’ve found that Saturday around dinner time, during yard sale season, is the best time to binge on fresh goodies that come out after yard sale closing times. Jam, follow me on ‘love Because that’s where I share all of the goodness.) Any time I share the result of an antique lamp oh lampthe shadow The questions roll to my DMs. The main thing is -> What size lampshade should I use? Choosing the perfect sized lampshade for your lamp is fairly simple. There are two easy-to-remember guidelines.

First, let’s take a moment to get the result of this $4.99 ginger jar lamp! Oh gah, she’s a classic beauty!

Well, I don’t follow decorating “rules” much, but I think a general knowledge of the guidelines can be really helpful. When it comes to lampshade size, You want the shadow width to be twice the size of the base……..

The correct width of the lampshade

…and you want the height to be about a third of the total height of the lamp including the harp.

The correct height of the lampshade

However, keep in mind that rules must be broken. 😉 Don’t stress about exact measurements. What you want to avoid is a high water situation like this. This is the only important rule -> Lamp harps should not be seen. As an example below, you’ll see this shade’s width is great, but it’s way too short.

Find the right size lampshade for your lamp

But know that too Adjustable lamp It could be the harp Game changer! For the example below, this shade of black with a shorter lyre is a tad too big. It cuts off the top of the bulb and makes the proportions look more like a 50/50 split rather than the preferred 40/60.

Know the size of the shade to use

But with a longer lamp harp, or by adjusting the lamp harp to a longer size, the lamp shade sits perfectly, with the base taking up about 60% of the lamp’s total look and the shade 40%.

Choose the right sized shade for your lamp

Of course when it comes to decorating your home, the most important question is -> what do you think? The only opinion that matters in your home is yours. So you should always choose what looks best on your eyes. But if you’re stuck trying to figure out what shade to use, I hope this post was helpful! Let me know if you have any questions!

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