Who is building the Metaverse in India?

Indian company Ajnalens develops immersive hardware and software for Extended Reality (XR). The Maharashtra-based company supports the region’s Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality (AR/VR/MR) market with products, software and resources.

The company is building its planned exhibition at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in 2023, where it will present the AjnaXR, a 5G-equipped MR headset.

Enterprise devices

Ajnalens builds a rich portfolio of XR devices for enterprises. The company is developing AjnaX as “India’s first enterprise-class augmented reality glasses”.

The product also enables immersive collaboration and communication with a 50 degree field of view allowing high quality interactive 3D image projection.

The hands-free AR from AjnaX is available via the Early Access program and the apps have just opened. The company plans to launch a global window for AjnaX in November.

Anjalens also offers the Operating System Suite (OS) to support companies adopting their headphone hardware, an industry 4.0 tool that increases productivity, efficiency and revenue, according to the company.

The operating system achieves this by creating a virtual office space for employees to interact with each other and interactive holograms. The software also allows AjnaX players to edit and scale RT3D assets.

In addition, the operating system allows workers to import computer-aided designs (CAD), collaborate with avatars, share video feeds, and annotate in an immersive home environment.

Furthermore, Anjalens is experimenting with AnjaX Station, which provides a scalable library of VR training content. The comprehensive training solution provides physical tools to simulate real-world skills and tasks from an immersive space.

Building India’s first Metaverse

The Maharashtra-based company is also helping developers enter the emerging Metaverse market through India’s first “industry-certified” innovative software.

The program includes training courses, recruitment support, and an AnjaXR headset. Large-scale XR industry leaders, including Qualcomm, NVIDIA, and Epic Games, are also taking part in the course.

The program includes six levels that provide resources and training for specific XR techniques:

  • First, Level 1 teaches advanced how to create NFTs, unreal-powered MetaHuman avatars, 3D objects, and animations.
  • The second level focuses on creating the environment, guiding students through Unreal’s lighting, landscaping, and post-processing procedures.
  • In addition, the third level offers user interface creation and audio input.
  • Level 4 teaches simulation creation, including Niagara VFX systems.
  • Level 5 introduces digital twins, a core asset in Industry 4.0. Course leaders will teach students how to create digital representations of real-world objects using Unreal.
  • Finally, Level 6 rewards students with an XR headset and teaches them the procedures for creating Meteverse content that are built into the blockchain.

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