Why you should visit Greenville, South Carolina’s most charming city, this winter

I’ve been hearing a lot about Greenville, South Carolina, in recent years—and that’s because it has something for everyone. With a population of approximately 75,000, South Carolina’s most charming city is where big city meets small town America.

The tree-lined Main Street in the city center could be ripped out of a postcard, and the Reede River, along with the tumultuous Reede Falls, ripples through the heart of the city – giving it that much more special character. And because many international companies (including Michelin, BMW, and Bosch) have headquarters and operations in the area, Greenville boasts a wonderfully diverse population. There are an incredible number of locally owned restaurants and shops ready to show you their unique style of Southern hospitality, and the weather is pleasantly mild – even during this time of year.

Here, how to plan a winter weekend in Greenville with recommendations on where to eat, drink, shop, and stay.

Where to eat and drink

If there is one restaurant that should top your list, this is it camp. Located downtown in Camperdown Plaza, this contemporary, globally inspired restaurant, helmed by talented Chef Drew Erickson – who cut the culinary chops at The French Laundry – evokes all the fun you had at camp as a kid with four distinct dining areas (chef’s counter, room main bar, outdoor patio, and rooftop bar) and a menu packed with delicacies from around the world, from pork belly buns with house-made kimchi to calamari tai tom kha. As good as the service and food are, the overall breezy and laid-back vibe is no wonder Kamp has regular weekly visits.

Anchorage In The Village of West Greenville is also a great choice for dinner. Here, James Beard nominated chef Greg McPhee and his gracious team whip up ever-changing vegetarian small plates in a charming historic structure. The wine list is exceptional, with a strong showcase of natural and sustainable producers. Fancy a classic steakhouse experience? Then check out Larkin, a Greenville institution recently moved to a crisp new spot off Camperdown Plaza for perfectly grilled nuggets and ice-cold martinis. And for the best brew in town, make a reservation at Press rooman intimate and modern talker who will send you a secret code to enter on the day of your visit.

Short on time and looking for something light and nutritious? Sip on some fresh juices Coca juice And Southern pressed juice. If you want a more substantial snack, there are plenty of options. Rice Bakery Naturally leavened breads and pastries made from scratch using old world european techniques, while Le Petit Croissant From Vincent Caradona specializes in jumbo full-butter croissants and exquisite handcrafted desserts like chocolate macaroons. Also, don’t miss it Collect GVLan outdoor food court lively with vendors handing out lobster rolls, pizza slices and fried chicken biscuits from recycled shipping containers by Fluor Field.

Where do you shop?

If you have a sweet tooth, swing by Mast General Storewhere the barrels are filled with old-fashioned candies (Bit-O-Honey, Long Boys, Beemans Gum) that you can buy for the pound. M. Godson Booksellers and Storytellers Invokes all the nostalgia for the indie stores so many of us grew up with by offering an impressive selection of curated books, regular events and readings, and Camilla’s Kitchen For coffee and snacks. Owned by Chef Veera Gaul, Grenfell oil and vinegar It allows you to sample a wide variety of domestic and imported oils and vinegars before purchasing. (There are other kitchen essentials, too, like salt, spice mixes, and hot sauces.) For a final souvenir, book a candle-making class at Grenville Soybean Company, where you’ll learn the ins and outs of candles, from why using natural wax like soy is important for the environment to how to blend custom fragrances. The best part? You will get the house you made yourself.

where to stay

when Grand Bohemian Lodge Greenville Opened last August, it ushered in a real sense of luxury for Greenville—something the city deserves. Subtly leaning against their stunning surroundings overlooking the Reede River Falls, the 187 guestrooms and suites feature thoughtful touches (like tree branch sconces) that nod to nature and offer plenty of room to spread out. Even the lobby is impressive, with an oversized stone fireplace and elaborate Native American art collection. Small but mighty Poseidon spa It offers classic facials and massages to help balance your body and mind, while the hotel’s lounge is downstairs Spirit and love is the buzziest place in Greenville to unwind after a long day of exploring with a well-crafted cocktail and an upscale destination (think Chattooga trout and Wago steak).

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